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About Us

Made stuff that my friends wanted - and now you can get it too!

At Gear Up Nation, we specialize in bringing your vision to life. We offer custom apparel, accessories, and swag that are made with quality materials and the utmost attention to detail. We’ve been doing this for years and have seen just how much joy it brings our customers.

Our goal is to create belonging and community through simple garments or swag that communicates to the world you belong. We believe that everyone has something to express and we’re here to help you make that statement.

Our Story

It all started while my 18 month old son was recovering from aspirating a peanut.  We were planning a dinner party.  Wine charms seemed to be a great option to help prevent full glasses of beautiful vino from going to waste because you didn't know which glass was yours. But charms look a lot like small candy - I can't have this death trap in our house!  I had to find a better way.  Instead, I etched images that represented our family on the bases of our wine glasses.  My dinner guests loved getting a "special" glass and asked where we got them - It's just "stuff" I made in my basement.  After that, more people wanted stuff from my basement - and we had to decide to grow or say "no" to orders - so we chose to grow!

The idea of personalizing gear for events, social gatherings, hostess gifts, wedding favors or a vacation is so special.  It lets people know you thought about them ahead of time, you wanted them to feel special and it differentiates you from the crowd.  I want to help you show the world who you are, who you're with and who loves your friends the most!

Our name has also changed to Gear Up Nation - because I felt it was important for my kids to say the name of Mommy's company without risking a Dial Bar of Soap to the mouth.  You might see the legacy name here and there, but it will be phasing out for this next, more mature, phase of our company's life cycle.

Want to help us grow?  Buy something or share our page!

Meet The Team

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